Dearest ♥ Friends,

Welcome to another expression of my heART, where I share my great love and passion for our extraordinary Mother Earth, her beloved consort Nature, and the sweeping mystical inner-landscape that is the Spiritual and Metaphysical. Everything you experience here is created by myself as a testament to these.

Here you will find a photographic collection of Mountain, Ocean, Sky, Nature, Solar, Life, and Sound Scapes, all of which capture the incomparable reality that is LOVE.

Some of the images remain in their original photographic form, whereas others are presented as photographic art. In your home, yoga/meditation space, or even on your office walls, they act as portals to the Natural World.

The SoundScapes will transport you to higher dimensions within yourself; to open and heal, expand and enlighten, and invite you to remember just who you really are and where you are really from.

The site itself is a portal of LOVE, and I truly hope you enjoy all that is here.

There will be more … for LOVE is a ceaseless font of Pure Inspiration.

So, do look out and listen for new ‘Scapes’ yet to come!

However, for now, take your time to experience the LOVE that emanates from my heart to yours, through these energetically connecting heARTScapes …

LOVE, in Luminous Waves,

Nicolya ♥♥

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